Borobudur Cultural Feast

2016 Borobudur Cultural Feast festival to run in five areas

Source: The Jakarta Post

Borobudur district in Central Java will host the 2016 Borobudur Cultural Feast this weekend. The festival is reportedly set to run at Borobudur temple and 20 villages in Borobudur district.

“There will be five stages. The main stage will be situated in Lumbini Park [at the Borobudur complex]. As for the rest they will be located in Pondok Tingal Park, Tuk Sono Park, Wonotigo Park and Bumiharjo. [Therefore] tourists can choose [to visit one of these areas].” PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) director Edi Setijono said during a press conference at the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry on Wednesday.

welcome img-20161217-wa0157 reported that the festival will include an orchestral performance, Javanese music ensemble, dance show, hanging lantern competition and more. For the 2016 Borobudur Cultural Feast schedule, simply consult the list below.

Lumbini Park Stage

Situated inside the Borobudur complex, the Lumbini Park Stage is slated to host the orchestra, karawitan (Javanese traditional music ensemble), a dance performance and more.


Sounds of Borobudur is one of the most-anticipated shows at the Lumbini Park Stage. Showcasing a D 750 musical composition, the orchestra was initiated by three local musicians: Trie Utami, Dewa Budjana and Redy Eko Prasetyo. The performance is slated to run on Saturday, starting from 10:25 a.m.



Following Sounds of Borobudur, there will be Karawitan Jogja Gangsa Nagari and Gita Persada Borobudur Dance performances on Saturday. The former will present a traditional music ensemble performed by students from Gajah Mada University, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta State University and Sanata Dharma University. The latter is a dance performance based on Gapura Kalamara, one of the relics of Borobudur temple, which symbolizes protection against evil spirits.

On Saturday at 10:50 a.m., there will be Kirab Niti Laku Mahakarya Borobudur, a traditional procession that reflects the king of Mataram Kingdom’s journey while inspecting Borobudur temple in AD 770.


In addition to the shows, there will be also the launch of Relief Penerus (Successor Relic) during the opening ceremony.

Pondok Tingal Park Art Stage


This art stage is dedicated to Wanurejo, Candirejo, Kenalan, Sambengan and Bingaran villages.

On Saturday, the stage will host theater and other art performances. On Sunday, there will be a drawing competition, kirab (traditional procession) competition, children’s creative dance and more.

Tuk Songo Art Stage


This stage is designed for Tuk Songo, Majaksingi, Ngargogondo, Tanjung Sari and Karanganyar villages. On Saturday, the art stage will host a village art instrument parade, the five villages’ ceremonial procession in a Samudra Raksa boat, an angklung performance, dance performance and more.

On Sunday, there will be communal exercise for the villagers, Kesenian Kuda Lumping Turonggo Wahyu Budoyo, Karawitan SDN Tuk Sono and Kesenian Brodut Ngablak Magelang.


Wonotigo Park Art Stage


Lapangan Wonotigo Art Stage belongs to Tegalarum, Karangrejo, Kebonsari, Ngadiharjo and Kembanglimus villages. The festival in this area will start on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. It is slated to begin with a cultural procession from five villages. On Sunday, there will Sholawatan Pitutur (recitals of praise for the Prophet Muhammad), Pengajian Akbar (Koran recital), Panggung Seni Dusun Sodongan and more.


Dusun Sodongan, Bumiharjo, Art Stage


The stage belongs to Borobudur village, Bumiharjo, Ringin Putih, Giri Tengah and Giri Purno villages. The show is scheduled to run from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. It will start with a village art instrument parade, angklung performance, Tari Topeng Kawedar Songo (mask dance) and Kuda Lumping dance. On Sunday, the stage will host communal exercise, Kesenian Rebana Tanjung Sari and Gojeg Bocah Bandongan, Kesenian Pitutur Ngargogondo and Kesenian Topeng Ireng as well as Kesenian Brodut Ngablak Magelang. (asw)